What EO Can Do For Your Business

EO=Equitable Outcomes

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Diane Ives, Fund Advisor at the Kendeda Fund, explains how EO helps close wage and wealth gaps in the United States. Employee-owners are more likely to have savings to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies, and additional income means more spending and investing in local communities. 

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EO=Exit Opportunity


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Benjamin Tsai, director of the Worker Ownership Initiative at Nexus Community Partners, explains how EO allows you to retire with the assurance of a fair value for you, continued service for your customers and the community, and equity for your employees.

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EO=Enduring Organizations  

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Jeanette Webster, Chief Investment Officer of the Fund for Employee Ownership at Evergreen Cooperatives, explains how EO can fit your growth plans, giving you the financial stability you need to introduce new products, expand your footprint, and grow your business.

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EO=Excellent Operations 

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Allison Curtis, director of business consulting for The ICA Group, explains how an ownership mindset instills pride, accountability, and responsibility in employees, which all have a very real impact on your business’ bottom line.

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EO=Enterprise Optimization

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Alison Lingane, Co-founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Project Equity, explains how entrepreneurs can use employee ownership to improve business operations and productivity.

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