Benefits of EO

EO=Enterprise Optimization

EO helps improve business operations and enhances profit margins, lowering employee turnover, and providing tax benefits that you can realize while you still have a stake in the business. 

Employee-owned businesses grow 2% more year-over-year than their traditional counterparts. When employees have an ownership mindset and a stake in the company, they are more likely to look for efficiencies and ways to increase productivity and profit. 

EO strengthens employee retention. Along with greater earnings and the ability to build wealth, the feeling of ownership and accountability is an incentive for employees to stay longer and perform better. Less turnover means smoother operations and less cost to the business. 

Case study: Delta Pipeline, Inc.

EO=Exit Opportunity

You’ve worked hard to build your business and now you are looking toward the next chapter. Maybe retirement is on the horizon or, perhaps, you are just ready for something new. Selling your business to your employees ensures you get a competitive value for your life’s work. 

Selling your business, or even passing it along to a family member, isn’t always easy or guaranteed. In fact, 80% of businesses never sell, and only a small percentage of businesses are passed down from generation to generation. 

EO allows you to retire with the assurance of a fair value for you, continued service for your customers and the community, and equity for your employees.

Case study: Optimax

EO=Excellent Operations

Reward the team that’s helped you build your business. An ownership mindset instills pride, accountability, and responsibility, which all have a very real impact on your business’ bottom line.

Employee-owners are not just focused on getting the job done today, but take a long view of the company’s success. They tend to have an entrepreneurial point of view—continually looking for ways to contribute and improve. They take their commitments seriously and are accountable for their actions. 

And, transitioning to an employee-owned business means they will get the training and support they need to be successful in their new roles as owners. 

Case study: Rockman

EO=Enduring Organizations

EO can fit your growth plans, giving you the financial stability you need to introduce new products, expand your footprint, and grow your business. And, once you move on, you’ll be confident that your valued customers will still be able to rely on the service and products they trust. Your employees will keep their jobs and your community will continue to benefit from a thriving business.

EO=Equitable Outcomes

Business ownership is very concentrated in America. The richest 10% of Americans own 90% of business wealth while the bottom half own only 0.25%. (Source: Harvard Business Review) This disparity has more businesses considering their roles in closing the wage and wealth gaps.

EO is good for employees. Alongside homeownership and retirement plans, EO is one of the few ways workers can build wealth. Compared to traditional businesses, ESOP workers have 33% higher median wages and 92% higher median household net wealth. (Source: National Center for Employee Ownership) Employee-owners are more likely to have savings to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies. 

Additional income means more spending and investing in local communities. Whether shopping locally, dining out more often, or supporting local causes, higher wages and more net worth help build strong, sustainable communities. 

Case study: A Yard & A Half Landscaping