Benjamin Tsai
What EO Can Do For Your Business
EO=Exit Opportunity

Benjamin Tsai, director of the Worker Ownership Initiative at Nexus Community Partners, explains how EO allows you to retire with the assurance of a fair value for you, continued service for your customers and the community, and equity for your employees.


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Founding Partners

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“With employee ownership, you’re accomplishing two things at once: You’re creating an opportunity to help build the business and keeping the business going beyond your ownership.” 

Small Business Owner 
Benjamin Tsai

EO equals an Exit Opportunity that has a triple bottom line: supporting business owners, employees, and the local community.”

Benjamin Tsai
EO Equals Founding Partner
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Most small business owners are relying on their business to fund their retirement security and may have overly optimistic beliefs about their current value. Only 20% of small businesses sell.

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“They take pride in the company and in the work they do. I’ve seen employee-owners grow to a level that they might not have otherwise reached, had they not had the opportunity to be an owner.”

Marty Ruddy
President and Founder of Terra Firma Co-Op
Paul Eldrenkamp

“The way to motivate people is through voice, autonomy, and empowerment. Employee ownership is a very important tool towards that.

Paul Eldrenkamp
Founder of Byggmeister
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75% of former business owners regret the sale of their business. Learn how EO can help you carry your legacy forward