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Employee Ownership: More than an Exit Opportunity

Thursday, June 23, 1 PM ET

Paul Eldrenkamp founded Byggmeister, a sustainable design and construction business in Massachusetts, in 1983 with a group of friends after graduating from college. After leading the business for nearly four decades, he started to look toward the next chapter. But Paul feared that selling to an outside buyer would jeopardize Byggmeister’s culture and the job security of their capable, hardworking team and continued service for Byggmeister's clients. In fact, 80% of businesses never sell.

Then, he heard about employee ownership.

Join us at this EO Equals webinar to hear about Byggmeister’s transition to employee ownership, what it’s done for the business, and why all business owners should consider employee ownership.

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“(Employee ownership) has been transformative for many people in the company. They have a new responsibility and have the investment in making sure this thing works for everybody.”

David Wilmore
Managing Director, Rockman et al
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“(Employee ownership) is good for their communities and good for the selling shareholders and good for everybody except the Internal Revenue Service.”

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Construction Worker

“You want everyone to experience what it means to be an owner of their life and an owner of their company ... to make a difference. To engage. To learn. To grow.”

Craig Danley
President, CEO, Delta Pipeline, Inc.
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“It presents an opportunity for our people who have been with us for a long time, and certainly played a big role in whatever success we’ve had. I certainly didn’t do it alone, and I couldn’t have done it without our people.”

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Christopher Feran drinking coffee

“This new partnership ... positions us to not just survive the pandemic but to also grow and share profits with our employees, who are now also owners.”

Christopher Feran
Former Partner, Phoenix Coffee

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