Case Studies

A Yard & A Half Landscaping

“(Employee ownership) is one of the best options because it doesn’t become a way of pleasing the whims of just one person. On the contrary: it’s your business, but it’s also about putting people first.”

Delta Pipeline, Inc.

“You want everyone to experience what it means to be an owner of their life and an owner of their company. What it means to be an owner in their community. What it means to make a difference. To engage. To learn. To grow.”

Happy Earth Cleaning

“Every company tells you to act like you own the company ... but they don’t ever give it to you. So, we gave it to them.”


“The major thing is that you’re able to contribute to the growth and success of the company. The gift at the end is that you get some of the profits, too. When you own part of the business, it feels different. We’re all working together for a common goal."


“Sharing profit with them as we go empowers each employee, each individual, to spend the money or invest for the future.”

Rockman et al

“It just makes sense that the people who work for you—who’ve made you the success that you are—should be given the opportunity of ownership.”

Terra Firma

“They take pride in the company and in the work they do. I’ve seen employee-owners grow to a level that they might not have otherwise reached, had they not had the opportunity to be an owner.”