Transcript: EO= Enterprise Optimization

Hello, Welcome to today's Employee Ownership Small Business Week Minicast.

I'm Alison Lingane, co-founder of Project Equity. Employee Ownership, or EO, equals enterprise optimization because employee owners have a real stake in their companies. When employees have an ownership mindset, they're more likely to look for efficiencies and ways to increase productivity and profit.

Employee Ownership also strengthens employee retention. Along with greater earnings and the ability to build wealth. The feeling of ownership and accountability is an incentive for employees to stay longer and perform better. Less turnover means smoother operations and lower costs to the business.

Finally, employee owned businesses grow 2% more year-over-year than their traditional counterparts. According to the National Center for Employee Ownership. Employee Ownership is a powerful business model that can improve business operations, lower employee turnover, enhance profit margins, and provide tax benefits that can have real impact on the bottom line. For more information about the benefits of employee ownership and the contact and employee ownership expert, visit