Exploring Employee Ownership

Why Business Owners Choose it and what it Could Offer Your Company

In honor of Employee Ownership month, the American Sustainable Business Network's “Transforming Business Ownership” working group is pleased to present this special panel. Speakers will include leaders of employee-owned businesses who can share different perspectives on the value of employee ownership and how it contributes to their company’s success, whether through employee engagement and retention, succession planning and ownership transitions, or just another way to express the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Panelists will address different scenarios through which businesses can transition to employee ownership:

  • The original owner retires and wants to ensure business continuity and success into the future
  • The original owner wants to sell the business but continue on in a leadership role.


Tommy Smith, Kaiser Permanente
Kevin Koch, Technicians For Sustainability
Rachel Battles, Happy Earth Cleaning Co-Op
Ellen Vera, Co-op Cincy
Hilary Abell, Project Equity
Kristen Barker, Co-op Cincy